Saturday, May 22, 2010

And the Answer Is....and Other Such Things

Ethan took money to school to donate to the Haiti earthquake relief. :-) Katie had an earth break. He doesn't really understand anything about money, where it comes from, what you do with it, nothing really. I mean, we tell him mommy and daddy work so we have money to buy things and go on vacation but he doesn't really see the money changing hands. Nonetheless I am very proud of him for taking money out of his bank and donating it to help others. He may actually turn into a little philanthropist after all.

And now on to bigger news. Chris had the idea of starting to tear down the wall paper in our master bath today. Groan. At least 90% of all the rooms in this house had some type of wallpaper when we moved in. It was originally the reason I said no to this house the first time we looked at it. However, as time went by it became apparent that we could get the house far under market value precisely because of all the work it was going to take to fix it up. So that's what we did. And we have done really well to keep plugging forward room by room. The last two rooms that are in need of a remodel are our master bath and the kitchen, both of which are not going to be cheap. Hence the reason they are last. I honestly had resigned myself to a tacky bathroom for years to come because I really don't want to spend the money on it right now. But then Chris started with the wallpaper this morning. And then we got help.
And more help.
And do you have any idea how many times I told him not to hang on the towel bar today?
I am shocked it didn't pull right out of the wall.
And then the Miss got involved.
All the wallpaper is down and Chris started patching holes. I think the next step is going to be to prime the walls and then sit on it for awhile. We do have someone scheduled to come by and give us an estimate in the next couple of weeks. But I have a feeling it is going to be more money than what we are wanting to spend right now. So we will see. I really want this brass gone though.
Nothing says outdated like brass and wallpaper.

In other news, our little girls from the Children of the World Choir (Jackie and Zam) are with us again tonight. They were so excited to see me this afternoon when I picked them up but not nearly as excited as I was to see them. I asked them if they met my Aunt Jan when they were in Asheville and they said YES! They were so excited to tell me all about it. They said Aunt Jan even hugged them and gave them a kiss on the head. These girls are just precious. I cannot wait to hear them sing tomorrow morning at church. Our church will also be giving a check to World Help to build a Village of Hope in Rwanda this year. Four weeks ago we asked God to provide $100,000 to build this village and He has done that plus more. God is good! God is so good!


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