Thursday, May 13, 2010

What to do with you?

This is a new outfit that Eliza is able to slip into now. Size 12 months, no less. She is growing and growing and growing. And did I mention growing?
We don't have much going on to write about.
Eliza isn't sleeping well right now. She goes down fine but wakes around midnight and cries solid for about 2 hours. Typically if we pick her up she settles right down, we hold her about 5 minutes and then she is back asleep.
(I love the hair sticking up. I keep telling myself I am going to get a touch of vaseline and curl it up, but I keep forgetting. I can't imagine why????)
But not the past few nights. She is in a full out cry for about 2 hours.
We walked and rocked and paced and bounced and swayed and snuggled and patted and anything and everything in between. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Worked. Finally around 1.30 I found the infant tylenol and gave her some thinking something must be hurting or uncomfortable.
(Isn't that funny? She looks like she is trying to blow it up.)
Within about 5 minutes she was sound asleep in my arms and soon after back in her bed. When I came back in the bedroom to Chris he said what did you do? And I said just gave her some tylenol and rocked her. You know what he said? Tell me if this is not the sweetest daddy comment. "Thank you for loving her."
What else is a momma to do?

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