Thursday, May 20, 2010

Field Day!

Today was field day at Ethan's school and I left work for about an hour or so this afternoon to go hang out with him. I hadn't planned on going but this morning he started in with other parents are going to be there, when are you going to come? I try. I really try.
This is Ethan with his partner, J.D. Note all the silly bandz on his wrist.
This is the fast pitch. They had a volunteer clocking the speed of the pitches. The highest was 38 mph for the kindergarten class. I didn't pay attention to the other grades.
Fast pitch turned out to be not such a good event for Ethan. His fastest throw was 26 mph and he started to cry when his pitch wasn't fast enough to write on the white board. They were only recording the top 5 and he didn't make it. I felt bad for him, but we don't practice baseball around here, mostly just soccer. He is signed up to start tee ball in June so he will have a chance to practice then. Also, he is throwing with his right hand instead of his left. Not sure if that would make a difference or not.
So we moved on to tug of war. This one was a toss up. J.D. won some, Ethan won some.
Then on to carpet racing. J.D. figured out he could space the carpets out more and jump from one to the other (you aren't supposed to step on the ground) whereas Ethan kept putting the carpet squares side by side so wasn't covering quite as much ground as J.D. was. So carpet racing wasn't his thing either.
But relay we are talking. He was smokin' in this one.
First they jumped with both feet together over these little hurdles.
Then they ran on their toes through these circles.
Then they ran over these hurdles and then ran through that red tunnel. When they reached the end they rang a cow bell then turned around and sprinted back.
The object to this game was to move the net together so that the ball flung way up in the air and then try to run to catch the ball back in the net. They argued a lot over this game until they figured out how to work together to do it. Once they got it figured out, they both really enjoyed this one.
This was one of my favorite ones. They had a squishy pig and they jumped on the catapult to throw it way in the air and then try to catch it. I thought it was really cute.
This one was a lot of fun too. They sat on some kind of circle thing on wheels and used their feet to steer their way down the path, around sprinklers. They liked this one because they got wet.
This one was called the dog sled race.
They were doing really good on this one and even racing against two second graders. But something happened when they turned the cone and they fell behind somehow.
And finally, the highlight of field day. The dunking booth.
Waiting patiently for his turn.
I think he may have been a little nervous.
I missed the big splash when the water came down. But you can see he was smiling so it wasn't as bad as he thought it was going to be. I think he had a great time today. If only every school day could be field day.


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Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Glad you could make on over for the event. I love the collection of Silly Bandz, the fabulous weather you had, and how you captured your handsome guy. What fun!

My girls have field day in a couple of weeks. We are almost done with school, but the craziness is just starting for one particular homeroom mother--ahhhh-hemmmmm!