Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Start to a Good Day!

Occasionally we are blessed in the morning to have all the children pile up in bed with us; the blessing comes when they are all happy. It doesn't happen every morning, well the "piling up in bed" often does, the "when they are all happy" doesn't. But this morning was one such morning. It starts when Eliza starts to squeak around 6am. Chris or I get up to heat her bottle then lay her down in bed with us to snuggle. Not long after that Owen usually makes his way to our bed and snuggles in. He usually likes to lay between Eliza and myself. Not long after that, Ethan joins us. He typically goes to Chris's side of the bed and snuggles in between Chris and Eliza. And there we lay snuggled under the warm blankets, legs and arms entangled, giggling, laughing, talking about what the day holds for each of us. It is absolutely the best way to start my day. Eliza gets so excited when her brothers are there with her. She squeals and shrieks and talks to them, pats them on the face, kicks her legs. Just happy. It is these mornings that remind me that despite the sleep deprivation, the laundry (oh the laundry!), the selective listening skills the boys have, the temper tantrums, did I mention the laundry? and the overall hecticness of this crazy life, I wouldn't change a thing. I have been blessed beyond measure and so happy God gives me these moments to drink it all in. Savor each giggle, each smile and even each "he's touching me!"

I wouldn't trade it for even my best day pre-children.


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