Thursday, May 27, 2010

She's an LA Woman

Eliza has discovered cabinets.
She opens all of them. Pulls anything and everything out.
Carries stuff around. Drops it when she feels like it.
There is stuff strung from one end of the house to the other.
And she loves it. Just because she drops it somewhere doesn't mean she won't walk back over that way in a few minutes and pick it back up to take it elsewhere.
She reminds me of a little old bag lady.

We joined a pool close by and headed over there tonight after school and work. We threw together sandwiches for dinner and rushed out the door to chase the sun as long as we could. We all had a blast! There is a water slide that the boys kept watching. Owen went down and I didn't catch him quite as well as he thought I should so he wouldn't do it again. Come to find out "someone" pushed him down. He didn't actually do it by himself. I am not naming any names or anything, but you can probably figure it out. And finally right before we left (isn't that they way it always happens?) Ethan went down. He isn't the bravest in the pack but once he tried it and saw that he could touch the bottom and he didn't go that fast, he loved it. The pool is zero entry so even Eliza could toddle around and splash away. We will definitely be doing this a lot more over the summer. Hopefully I will be able to figure out how to take my camera and get some photos without getting it wet. 3 day weekend coming up! TGI(almost)F!


Glennon said...

all right, i've got so many things to ask...but first....that SHIRT! Where did you get Eliza's shirt???

coolest baby ever.

Anonymous said...

I agree! That shirt got me singing...and no reason why, but it was Light My Fire that came through my lips. My kind of baby. Rock on, Little Sister! Try to set the night on FIY--errRRRRR.