Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bathroom Redo

I posted a few pictures last week (I think it was) of our in process bathroom. The half bath downstairs that we started strong taking down the wallpaper and then just came to an abrupt halt. It stayed that way for some time. I stopped cleaning it. Stopped going in there. Hated to touch the toilet handle flush thingy. It was gross. Well, that was until I showed it to Chris's co-worker. That's when Chris and I gained a renewed motivation for completing what we started. Here are a few pictures. We still aren't quite done, but hopefully in the next week we will get there.
The paint color is a creamy light yellow. It is actually a little more yellow than what I was going for, but I like it all the same.
This picture actually has a pink hue to it, which I am not sure where that is coming from. But Chris was putting up the toilet paper thingy here.
We bought new fixtures, brushed nickel, and replaced all the shiny brass. I also liked this shelf that Chris put up and plan on putting a picture of the children on it when I get another one of the three of them together.
I like the antique'ie, vintage look of the faucet.
New light and towel bar. I am not sure colors I am going to use to decorate with, maybe blues, but this kitchen dish towel is hanging there for now. Complete with a scarecrow on it. :-)
And this is what the finished look will be, even though Chris just has the chair rail sitting on top of the wainscoting for now for the picture. He has done such a fantastic job. I love it that I can give him projects like this and nothing is too intimidating for him. He just learns as he goes.



Amy said...

This looks awesome! Like it lots!

Adrienne said...

Hi! Yes, we used to live in Raleigh and both of my daughters were born there. We miss it sooo much and hope to get back there one day! Love your bathroom redo!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the makeover! We have that light fixture--if not the same kind something very, very similar. I loved the brushed nickel. The bathroom looks great! Go ahead give that toilet thingy and little flush--you deserve it, Haha! ;)