Monday, May 10, 2010

Catchin' Up

I hate it when I get behind because inevitably I end up forgetting to post something due to me trying to play catch up. But this weekend was very busy for us. First, Ethan had school on Saturday morning, his last snow make up day. They invited the parents to come in for the specials (specials are art, music, computers, PE and library). Saturday they had music.
They have a song named Larry the Lobster and half the children play the bars and the other half use puppets to act out the song. This was Ethan's turn on the bars.
Then they traded and Ethan got to be the much coveted shark.
The shark gets to chase Larry the Lobster.
After school we had several errands to run and then all our guests started to arrive. Yay! Saturday was Chad's birthday so he, Kourtney, Cam, Kara, Mimi and Pawpaw came over for a little party. Nothing that big, but so much fun though.

Getting ready for Chad to blow out the candles.
Blow Chad! Blow Chad!
Our church had their baby dedication on Sunday and Miss Eliza participated. It was very special for me. The preacher went down the line of children and said their name and birth date and it just sounded so beautiful when he said Eliza Gale. Knowing she is named after my mother and Sunday was Mother's Day. I will always mourn for the grandmother she would have been, knowing how much she would have adored our children. Knowing what they will miss out on growing up. But there was something so special about hearing mom's name called out in church on Sunday. I know she was smiling down on us. I don't have pictures from Sunday yet, but hoping I will be able to track some down soon. So in the meantime here are just a few of the children from this weekend.
Trying to lick the icing off the candles. This is pre-hair cut. Yes, he got a hair cut on Sunday, finally.
Sweet smile.
Little stinker!

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