Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Ethan came home from school today and told me he could tie his own shoes. I was trying to get dinner going so although I heard him, I didn't stop what I was doing to see. So he said, see look. So I stopped and he was wearing his "tie shoes" not the velcro ones and he untied them and tied them back. Just like that. I would love to say that it was I who taught him, and I probably did have a hand in it because we have been practicing. But I have to be honest and say trying to teach a left handed kid to tie his shoes is not an easy thing to do. Last week I think it was, I had the idea that I would put my tennis shoes on my feet and do it along side him instead of me trying to help him on his shoes. That seemed to be the biggest advancement we have made. Then he just pops up and does it today. This kid is really rockin' my world right now. All the things he is learning at school, kindergarten coming to an end, excelling at soccer; the list just goes on and on. And did I mention reading???? Good Lord Almighty! Let's talk about the reading. He just picks up books now and reads them. Obviously not adult books, but most any of his Dr. Seuss ones. He just does it, like that's what he has been doing his whole life! It absolutely astounds me. At night now I lay in his bed and listen to HIM read to ME! Not the other way around. There goes another one of those things that frustrate me having to do it, but when it's gone, I will miss it. Needless to say, Owen gets more attention now when he wants me to read to him.

Ethan is into silly bandz now. I suppose it is what all children his age are into. Let me explain. They are rubber bands in different colors and shapes. I bought he and Owen the dinosaur ones and the zoo animal ones. They wear them like bracelets and are allowed to play with them ONLY on the playground during recess. If they try to play with them in class, the teacher will take them. So he trades with other children when they are outside. I am trying to help him understand that a trade is a one for one, two for two kind of thing, but there are children who tell him one for two, meaning he is down one. My heart is on fragile ground right now. I just know the day is coming when someone tries to take one from him without giving him anything back. Maybe not with the silly bandz, but any kind of intimidation or peer pressure. He is growing up and I am fighting it.

Owen is loving the silly bandz too and is telling his friends all about them. There are a few other children in his class that have them so he gets a kick out of being "in the know."

Eliza is pretty much walking 75% of the time now. She is taking more and more steps consistently and will take a few steps and stop and clap for herself. Here is a little video of her playing. Disregard my fantastic parenting skills with the boys. I am sure the day will come when Ethan is in therapy and he say it was all my mom's fault. (Stop the music at the bottom to listen to the video).


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