Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ramblings of An Overtired Mama

I made veggie chili tonight with couscous and somebody really liked it!
Her daycare teachers claim she still eats baby food from a jar just fine, but there is no way she will do that at home. She has had the taste of real food and that is all she wants now.
I don't really try much anymore but when I do, she will purse her lips together, scrunch up her nose and flail her arms at me.
Sure was a lot cleaner when I was doing all the feeding.
When she is done eating now, she will pick up whatever is on her tray and just reach her hand out to the side and drop it until everything is off. Either that or she will vigorously wipe her tray with both hands until the food is flying everywhere and there is nothing left.
Two of the three of my children loved dinner. There is always one that likes to fight with me. I will let you guess which one.
Exhibit A has already moved on to dessert.
Exhibit B thinks he can stir things around to make them appear eaten. Grouch.O.

I have learned the quickest way to get me to do anything, is to tell someone about it. Make it known to someone other than myself and suddenly it becomes more of an embarrassment. For example, about a week ago I told a girl at work that I had stopped cleaning our half bathroom because it is more like a construction site than a bathroom as we creep our way through trying to remodel it. It was disgusting. Truly. I hated to touch the handle on the toilet. It wasn't 2 days after I "aired" that dirty laundry, that I took to scrubbing it clean. And well, it was clean until a friend of Chris's came over yesterday and as Chris was showing him around I said oh, you have to come look at this project that is taking forever. The half bath. That's all it took to light a fire under Chris and I to get back to stripping wallpaper. Now the bathroom looks like this.
Wallpaper is almost all down. Sink is out to work behind it. Baseboards are out. Next step is to buy wainscoting and paint it white. I think we are going to paint this bathroom a really light gray color. It might actually get finished by the end of May.

After dinner, the boys went outside and played monkey in the middle again.
And baby enjoyed her swing. A nice ending to busy day.
I love the foot kicked up. Just relaxing. Is tomorrow really Monday already????

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Anonymous said...

LOLLLLL at Eliza licking her plate clean!! That must be one tasty dinner. :) :) CUTE kids!

I am glad we can hold eachother's hands through the construction journey. It can be a trying to time. Consider a glass of wine at night.