Sunday, May 23, 2010

Children of the World

I am pretty beat tonight so I am only going to post this video of the Children of the World Choir. The video was taken at another location a few days ago, I think KidFest in Gatlinburg, but the performance is the same. These children are just amazing. I cannot possibly explain how blessed I have been by having them stay in our home. They leave to go back to their countries in 2 weeks and many of them are not looking forward to it. They will be returning to a country that is not as prosperous or lavish as what they have experienced here. We were told not to allow them to have seconds of their food while they were here because in their countries they will be lucky to have one meal a day, much less be able to have seconds and thirds. It is just heartbreaking to see these children and know they have so much potential if just given the opportunity. (stop the music at the bottom to watch the video)

As for our church's Village of Hope. We raised $142,000 in just 4 weeks. Wow! Just Wow! We serve an amazing God.


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Anonymous said...

WOW on the amount received to date! God is so awesome!! I enjoyed your post...weighs heavy on my heart. Thanks for posting!