Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bath Time Baby

Eliza is starting to have so much fun in the bath.
She has found the boys bath toys.
She has learned how to suck on wet wash cloths. The boys used to do this too. Not sure if it is a baby thing or a Bordman baby thing.
She loves to splash.
And here lately she has mastered standing up in the tub, bouncing her legs and then gently sitting herself back down.
In this one she was blowing her lips like she was making raspberries.
She has such a fun personality.
And how could you resist these carrot stained cheeks and blue eyes?
Tonight while she was waiting (ever so patiently) for me to snap some pictures so I would start her bath she was holding onto the tub and "cruising" back and forth. I am telling you, it isn't going to long that this little girl is going to be walking. Hard to believe 8 months have already passed us by.


1 comment:

Cary Hairbows said...

Noooo way is that baby standing already!!! Lay off the Miracle-Gro already, mommy! Ha! Eliza is gorgeous. :)