Wednesday, March 10, 2010

She's A Bad, Bad Driver

I have never professed to be particularly good at driving. I am not bad, don't get me wrong. No wrecks (knock on wood) and it's been years, probably 10 years or more since I have had a speeding ticket. However, I will be the first to admit I am TERRIBLE at backing. Terrible. Really. If I am not backing straight, it is almost impossible for me to do it and stay on the road.

Exhibit A:
Do you see that gully beside the driveway. That's my gully. I created that gully. Here let's get a closer look.
Every morning and every afternoon when I back out of our drive way I manage to go through the yard. Chris laughs at me. He doesn't understand it, so he laughs. You see, our driveway has the fancy curve at the bottom where it comes in and get narrow right before it opens up wide to the street. Why is that??? Clearly a woman did NOT design this driveway. We were even talking to our neighbors this past weekend and the mother of that home admitted she does the same thing. So they mulched the bottom of their driveway to help her and she still manages to drive through it. That's me. I admitted it. I am a very poor backer. And parallel park'er, but that is for a different story.
Chris will occasionally back the car into the garage for me so all I have to do is drive straight out. Ah, perfect. I love it when he does that.
So he and Owen were filling in my gully for me, I am sure in the hopes that maybe, just maybe I won't do it again. But really, who are we kidding???
As for Owen, you can lead a boy to mud, but you can't make him play and you can't stop him from playing.


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