Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter Celebration

Our church had an Easter celebration today complete with games, food and an egg hunt. The boys had a blast.
Not sure what this one was called, but it was lots of pencils sticking out of a bale of hay. If you picked one that had a black tip on it, you got to pick out a prize. Ethan is always the one that wants to do all the games whereas Owen goes straight for the activity that has the most action.
There was a tractor ride.
But I think the boys had the most fun with the bubbles. Simple, cheap, entertainment.
Owen never cared to make his own bubbles, he was having too much fun chasing other people's bubbles.
It didn't take Ethan long to realize Owen was having more fun.
They started gathering the children into groups for the egg hunt. And before they turned them loose they told them the story of the Resurrection Eggs.
Then it was time for the hunt.
And the best part about an egg hunt - going through the treasures after it is over.
And because there are rarely any good photos of me anymore, here is one where I am actually smiling. Seems like every picture I see of myself these days I am so serious. Typically because I am trying to keep my eyes on three children and not very relaxed. But today was a lot of fun and I did relax and let the boys run wild. And really, when I can do that, everyone is a lot happier.
The boys (including Chris) are gone to the driving range now and baby B is sleeping. Ah - enjoy the quiet.

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Anonymous said...

Great Spring pictures, Tricia! The kids are adorable--looks like they had fun.

I just wanted to let you know, as of TODAY, I have been renewed! I have recommitted myself to the'ol family blog and will be posting more often. No more lame excuses. So many pictures never got posted from the last few month. But today, I am moving forward...leaving the procrastination behind and will begin the blogging once again. Come stop by when you can.

Have a blessed week.....Happy Easter to your dear family!! HUGS!