Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Is Someone Watching Me?

So yesterday I mentioned that it is amazing to me that just when something has been laid on my heart to process, God opens a door, an opportunity for me to explore it more; to learn, to grow. Excess in the home meet study of Daniel. Well, sit down folks cause here's another example.

I received an email last night from a man in our church who heads up mission work, both locally with the homeless in Moore Square and internationally. He is taking a group to Romania in June an although my heart would like to go, I have already planned a family vacation in June and July so taking more time off doesn't seem feasible right then. In his email though he told me he is also heading up a trip in November to Nicaragua. Nicaragua, you say? The only thing I know about Nicaragua is guerrilla warfare and I really don't know anything about that other than to say it doesn't sound like fun. Now, I get it - there probably aren't going to be many mission trips to Paris. Although I am sure French people need Jesus too. But really, Nicaragua? I had already written it off without really exploring the idea.

Then today I was looking at a blog that I read occasionally, Girls Gone Child, (btw - Rebecca is not for the faint at heart. She rarely misses an opportunity to throw out a 4 letter word, but I like looking at pictures of her children and find her lifestyle to be off beat and funky) and Rebecca was talking about a project called Responsibility. And what do you know - there is a newsletter posted about a project in - you guessed it - Nicaragua. (click the link Responsibility and then look for Nicaragua Update! to read more). This project is building schools and providing clean water to children who live in close proximity to a dumpster and by close proximity, I mean they go to the dumpster daily to find food. (And I don't mean a dumpster like the trash man drives by your house, gets your garbage then drives it across town to a landfill - think more like children living among a landfill.) My point of this is, God is opening doors for me that I never knew existed. Just early this morning, I read the email from our church and dismissed this trip out of fear of the unknown and by this afternoon, God has already provided me more information on the children of Nicaragua and how I can help. He is opening my mind to other possibilities and I am grateful. It makes me think someone is watching me? Someone knows my thoughts before I know them. Oh, yeah - Someone does.


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Cary Hairbows said...

God has a way of opening those doors. I will keep you in my prayers. Mission work seems to be in your future....whether locally or globally. I'm proud of you! You have a loving heart. xo