Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Have You Thought About Your Colon Today?

I have.

What do you think?
This is Eliza's March bow from Cary Hair Bows. Shannon is going to be donating roughly $14 to the Colon Cancer Alliance for each of the "Gale's Courage" bows that she sells . So go get one! I promise you won't be disappointed. I will post pictures of my little model whenever we receive it.

Now on to the update from my bible study tonight. As promised, I brought up the homeless shelter idea and needless to say I didn't have anyone jump out of their seat to start giving pedicures at the homeless shelter. But, they all gave me great ideas of where I can plug into existing missions that take place within the church. One of the Sunday school classes goes to the Durham Rescue Mission, while another class goes to Moore Square to minister and hand out supplies and food. So there is definitely a need and there is definitely a place for me to fit in. So that is something to be excited about. And now for something that is very thrilling to me......I am going to be a church librarian! Chris laughs at me, but is also very supportive. He knows how much I love books; the smell of them, the worn pages, everything about books. I have even told him that maybe when I retire I would become a librarian. So I am very excited to be able to fill this need at church. I start the Sunday after Easter. Wahoo!


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