Monday, March 29, 2010

Our First Night

The girls have settled in the best they can considering they are changing homes every 3 or so days. They are beyond polite and extremely appreciative. I fixed spaghetti last night and Zam loved the sauce. She had thirds! Mimi - tell Grandpa Lewis that I used one of his tomato juices to make the sauce and let it simmer for several hours. I did add more diced tomatoes, hamburger, onions and green peppers, but his juice was the base. They were very focused on their bedtime last night and 9pm it was. I put a vaporizer in their room for the night because Jackie was getting a cough and I could hear congestion building up. They were concerned about what I was putting in the room and asked a few times if I was sure it was ok. Somewhat broke my heart. Of course I know I wouldn't harm them but they are really just two little girls putting their trust in me to care for them. They slept well and Jackie's cough is almost gone. When I checked on them this morning they were up, dressed and had their bed made. Chris made cinnamon rolls for breakfast and Jackie loved them. However, Zam isn't used to sweets and breads so she preferred eggs - and ate a whole carton of egg beaters! I think she was a little confused about why the eggs were in a carton like that instead of whole eggs. I tried to explain to her that the egg beaters were healthier, but I am not sure she understood. They both wanted to feed Eliza this morning so they helped me with her cereal while I got their breakfast together. Jackie in particular is getting a kick out of the baby moving around. And Eliza likes looking at other girls. It is very cute.

They are watching a movie now while I do their laundry and are very content to just lounge around and relax. They are darling little girls and I am so happy I took this leap of faith and decided to offer my home to them for a few days. Aside from their thick accents, we are getting along wonderfully. With as much as I have traveled particularly to Africa, you would think their accents, Zam's in particular would be somewhat familiar, but not at all. Chris is much better at understanding them than I am.

I won't be able to post photos of them on my blog because their leader has asked us not to but they are both just beautiful. Zam has very dark, African toned skin with short hair and Jackie has a warm brown skin tone with beautiful, long, straight Asian-like hair. Zam likes to wear head bands to match her clothing and the colors pop just beautifully against her dark skin. And their smiles - just gorgeous little girl smiles.

We were told to limit the amount of tv they watch, but truly, little girls are supposed to love Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers. So,'s our secret. And by the way, they both have a "crush" on Joe Jonas. :-)


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