Sunday, March 14, 2010

Eliza, You are 8 Months Old!

What have you been up to?
You are crawling ALL over the place! You cannot be stopped. And you are getting faster and faster. It won't be long that your daddy and I will be buying gates for all the stairs.
I have officially lost you to your daddy. I tried for about 15 minutes to get you to smile for me taking pictures this morning and the minute he walked in the room you lit up, flashing your beautiful smile for him. *Sigh* They say little girls are daddy's girls, but really, I thought I had you until you were at least 2 or 3 years old.
You are waving bye bye to everyone now. This morning at church when we picked you up from the nursery you kept waving bye bye to the women in the nursery until they saw you and told you bye bye.

You are trying more and more foods and have already discovered what daddy eats is better than what mommy fixes for you. You have tried blueberry muffins and biscuits. I need to ask how you are doing with your cereal and jar food at day care because you don't like to eat it at home with us.
You are pulling up on everything. Just today daddy and I were looking for a walking/push type toy for you for Easter. It isn't going to be long before you are cruising and then you will just take off. You are growing up so fast. 8 months has flown by. It helps too that you are sleeping so much better now.

You have another tooth. It is one of the bottom left ones and it didn't seem to bother you pushing through which is a blessing. We struggled with you around Thanksgiving/Christmas time when about 4 teeth were coming in at once. You are up to 7 teeth now and you are learning to chew and mash food very well.
You love taking a bath and splash EVERYWHERE! I think you are going to be a water bug. You don't mind at all getting water in your face and usually you just end up splashing harder and more.

You are blowing raspberries and sounding like a motor boat with your mouth. You are also belly laughing typically at Owen or Ethan but sometimes with your daddy and I too. You are such a happy girl.

It is a pleasure to go out to eat with you because you will just sit in your high chair and play or talk while we eat. Daddy and I were just talking about it last night how with your brothers we were constantly walking them around the restaurant or standing up holding them when we tried to go out to eat. We eventually just stopped going out to eat because it wasn't relaxing at all. This is something that is very different with you.
You are saying "da da" and "ah ga." I am trying my best to teach you "ma ma" but you aren't buying it. I am not sure you know who "da da" is or not, but you certainly say it a lot and daddy gives you attention when you do, so it won't be long until you make the connection.
Your daddy and I talk about what a blessing you are all the time. You are such a sweet, sweet girl. And we couldn't be more proud of our family of 5. You have completed us.


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oh WOW. beautiful girl, beautiful post.