Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Just a few highlights from our weekend. No pictures, dog gone it. We were busy, if that helps explain that lack there of. But a few things that made me smile.

1) Ethan had soccer on Saturday. Two of his friends are on his team, Andy and Cristian. The coach divided the children up into groups of 6 and then put each group of 6 on a field. She told them to grab pennies (jerseys) to put on so that they could play 3 on 3. Ethan ran quickly to grab a penny and then was yelling for his friend Andy, "Andy, hurry, get this penny." Well, Andy is substantially smaller than Ethan and apparently not a very fast runner either so Andy didn't make it in time to grab one of the pennies so that he could be on Ethan's team. So what does Ethan do? He takes his penny off and throws it back to the ground so that he and Andy could be on the same team. Those are the moments that make me smile. That he would choose friendship over (for him at the time) the importance of wearing one of the pennies.

2) While playing soccer, Ethan was on the opposing team of a girl named Dylan. Apparently Dylan rocks out loud at playing soccer and isn't scared to take on any boy on the field. So she and Ethan went head to head over and over and over trying to take the ball from each other. This competitive spirit in Ethan makes me smile too. I was always timid at playing sports and that is a trait that I prefer my children not get from me. Chris said Dylan would score, then Ethan would score. It just went back and forth. At one point the coach put Dylan and Ethan on the same team and then they really dominated the other team. He is actually pretty good at soccer, if I do say so myself.

3) Owen decided on Saturday that he needed a hair cut so what does he do? He cut it himself. Yes, he has a couple of chunks of hair missing from his head now. At different times throughout the evening Saturday I was walking through the house and would see tufts of hair here or there. Grrrr.......and I had just decided to let him grow it out because he hates hair cuts so much. Now I am torn between taking him somewhere to have it touched up or just letting it go. I mean, it will eventually grow back out. Meanwhile, we will have a family picture taken next Saturday at the church Easter egg hunt. It's just memories, right?

4) Owen had a birthday party at Marbles Museum today. Chris took him so I could take Ethan and Eliza to church. At one point Owen was sitting across the table from the birthday girl and she wrinkled her brow and said "Owen I am not real happy with you right now." Well, Owen in turn wrinkled his nose, what we call the "bumpy nose" look and just stared at her. Chris said after a few minutes they started giggling at each other. Here is a picture of Owen a couple of weeks ago giving Chris the "bumpy nose."
5) Now for Miss Eliza. When I picked her up from the nursery today Mrs. Sherry said she was trying to walk. They have a push/walker type toy and apparently she was pulling up on it and then pushing it to take a few steps. I knew it wouldn't be long. Looks like I know what the Easter bunny will be bringing her for Easter. Toys R Us has Little Tykes toys buy one get one free this week so we will probably take advantage of it and go over during lunch this week to pick out a couple of things.

6) And the perfect wrap up to our weekend, after dinner tonight we all went outside and the boys kicked the soccer ball around and Eliza and I swung on the swing set. The air was a touch cool but felt so nice. Spring is right around the corner. I can feel it and it feels great.

Hope your weekend was just as good.


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