Friday, March 5, 2010

It's Been a Busy Week

I know I go through spells where I am really on top of posting photos and things the children have been doing and then I seem to disappear for awhile. Work gets busy, life gets busy. I take a few photos here and there but it can be sporadic at best. So tonight I thought I would try to catch up on some things that have been going on at Case de Bordman.

Today was the last day of 3rd quarter and he is officially tracked out for 3 weeks. When he returns he will be on the last leg of kindergarten. Wow! Just wow! If anyone ever tells you time flies and you laugh it off - have a child and then see what you think. I am absolutely astounded by the things he has learned and continues to learn in school.
  • He is reading really well now. He was reading the Cat in the Hat the other day and read a sentence that had Hat and Hot in it and he stopped and said "Whoa!" I said what? and he said, if you take the a out of hat and the o out of hot and change them you will still have hat and hot. You could see his brain working. Really cool stuff.
  • He can listen to a book and then when you ask him questions about the plot or the characters he can answer you.
  • His writer's workshop skills have sky rocketed in the last month. He knows how to use capital letters, punctuation and spaces between his words appropriately.
  • He is really coming into his sense of humor. Very, very, very much his father's son in this area. Very dry, doesn't miss a beat, and will say something witty and keep going like it was nothing.
  • He has learned to count by 10s and can go to 100.
  • He thinks the millionth of anything is the most of everything.
  • He is starting to loosen up and dance and sing. Tonight after dinner he said, "Now, I am going way up there to get my dance party started."
  • He is learning a lot about healthy foods and wants to make good choices for himself.
  • He loves school and has a lot of pride in what he has learned.
  • He found an extra cordless phone downstairs and hooked it up in his room. He said he needed a phone in his room for when he needed to call someone. Last night he came into my room after he was in the bed and asked me to get his paper with telephone numbers on it. He said he needed to take it to his room because he needed to use his phone. I asked him who he was going to call and he said I need to tell Aunt Jan I am coming to her house. He is very excited to ride in her PT Cruiser.
  • He adores his sister. She was pulling up on their plastic picnic table the other day and she fell backwards and cried. Chris picked her up, she stopped crying and he put her back down. She went back to pulling up on the table and Ethan said "she thinks that was really awesome so she is doing it again."
  • He is just such a cool kid and so much fun to hang out with.
What is Owen up too? Well, everything. This week's theme at preschool was Space so every day he came home talking about planets, the sun, cleaning the moon, etc. He even came home one day and told me Pluto wasn't a planet anymore. How about that?
  • His vocabulary is astounding at times. I think he could possibly be learning to read right along with Ethan. He certainly wants to.
  • I love the way he says his L sound. He almost gets hung up on it and really exaggerates it. Precious.
  • He loves going to church and is making lots of friends there. He comes home most every Sunday and Wednesday telling me about a miracle that Jesus has performed.
  • He loves, loves, loves to sing. Music may be his calling. He was laying in bed the other night singing "This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine."
  • He is my go to kid when we are driving and Eliza starts crying. He will sing to her or talk to her and she just gets quiet. He loves to sing "Baby sister don't you cry, na na na na na na."
  • He always calls her Baliza even when Ethan tries to correct him. He insists her name is Baliza, and that's ok.
  • He loves preschool and is learning so very much. His best friend is Patrick who I just adore. When I was pregnant with Eliza Patrick would come up and talk to me about the baby in my belly.
  • Owen is really starting to take off with his writing. I worried taking him out of preschool for 6 months was going to set him back and it probably has a bit compared to his other friends, but he is picking it back up very quickly. He has papers with his name written in yellow and then he takes a pencil and traces over it. He is even starting to write his name on his own and getting the letters in the correct order and legible.
  • Owen is also his father's son when it comes to his sense of humor. He is very clever and witty. Although he is more of a comedian than Ethan. Owen loves the attention where Ethan kind of shies away from it.
  • He is such a light in my heart.
And then there is baby girl.
What is she not doing??? She is pulling up on everything! The other night she was in the bath and I turned my head for just a second to get my hair brush and when I turned back around she was standing up with one leg lifted over the edge trying to climb out. She lost her balance and toppled backwards in the water. When I sat her back up and she scanned her body to see that she was ok, she started laughing. I think I have a dare devil on my hands. She is crawling everywhere. Whatever she wants she just goes and gets it. I tried some dresses on her the other night to see where she was with her clothing size.
This one is still a bit big on her, but it won't be long.
She is starting to get a bit more hair, although still not enough for a small bow to stay in. I bought this car seat cover a few weeks ago and it came this week. She will use Ethan's old car seat, but I thought since I am saving $250 by using his car seat, the least she could have was a new cover.
And her hair bow holder ran out of space so we had to move on to a second one.
That's about it for us. Lots of stuff to write about but very few pictures to post. Ethan is going to Aunt Jan's house tomorrow for the week so maybe things will slow down enough to where I can post a little more often. He also starts soccer tomorrow morning. Chris and I are looking forward to watching him play again. And Owen will start PeeWee sports in May. That will be a sampling of soccer, basketball and tee ball. I know he will love it.


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