Sunday, February 28, 2010

Random Thoughts

This post is going to be several random thoughts poured into one long post. I haven't kept up the past couple of days because Chris and I have started reading the book The Love Dare by Stephen Kendrick and so instead of posting here at night, we have been reading. The book takes 40 days to read and do the "dares" and at the end of the 40 days your marriage is supposed to be stronger than ever. Chris and I are in a really good place right now so fortunately the first two dares have come easy. I am sure over the next 38 days though we will be challenged but I am ready for it. It is based off the movie Fireproof. A terribly, terribly bad acting movie, but a good movie nonetheless. So that was my first random thought.

Random thought number 2:
Eliza is standing in the bath tub now. You can see the determination in her face as she is trying to balance herself and pull up. Then when she gets fully standing and balanced, she looks at me or Chris with the biggest grin ever. As if to say "Look what I did!" She is very proud of herself.

Random thought number 3:
The lady that I order our bows from sent us a surprise package last week with two things in it. One was a zebra hat with a hot pink bow that has black polka dots on it. Very, very cute. And the other was this big pink peony on this pink band.
Yes, it is too big for her head.
No, you are not the first person to think it.
And yes, I love it!
Unfortunately, she doesn't always feel the same.
She is learning to grab whatever I put on her head and pull it off.
But we are working on it.

Random thought number 4:
Chris has started teaching Ethan to tie his shoes.
And let me tell you, this is no easy feat. (or feet! ha!)
He is left handed so Chris is having to think about it from Ethan's point of view and that is not easy to do when you naturally do things right handed.
And finally, Random thought number 5: we are trying to plan a beach trip in September to the Outer Banks area, either than or Emerald Isle. We have been looking at beach houses online and dreaming of warmer days, flip flops, sea shells and hot tubs. One of the last vacations I remember taking with my mother was at Emerald Isle. She loved watching the Shackleford Horses.
Tomorrow starts another busy week and March is proving to be stressful already and it isn't even here yet.


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