Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nutritionist Appt

Ethan and I had our appointment this morning with the nutritionist at his pediatrician's office. And overall, I am doing ok. There are definitely places we can improve and I am going to. For example, it was brought to my attention that I give my children way to many carbs and not enough protein and fiber. We already eat whole wheat bread and now that is going to extend to bagels and any other bread type product we consume. They need to be eating more peanut butter for protein and even better than peanut butter, we are going to try almond butter. She had a chicken nugget box and a big mac box in her office and a small tupperware container inside the box with the amount of lard that is in each of these things. To say it was disgusting would be an understatement. It was fowl. Even Ethan looked at it and turned up his nose. She had an empty 8oz coke bottle as well with the amount of sugar inside the bottle that would be in an 8oz coke. Granted the children don't drink soda but if 39 grams of sugar is in an 8oz coke and 22 grams of sugar is 8oz of orange juice (and they do drink orange juice) - it is a lot. That was a good visual. And we will be moving to a lower sugar orange juice.

I am sure the boys are not going to like the changes I am going to continue to make, however I refuse to allow them to continue down this road and end up with major health problems when I can try to prevent it now. And they aren't on that bad of a road, but clearly family history is playing a major role in their current health. The nutritionist spoke of a 16 year old boy that was in her office earlier this week that is already on insulin for type 2 diabetes, he has high cholesterol and high blood pressure. She is trying to teach him healthy food choices but without a mom or dad to re-enforce a healthy lifestyle, her attempts are futile.

My children are fortunate that I do pay attention and I do see to it that they are given healthy choices. And now they are going to get even healthier choices.


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