Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Young Authors

The Young Authors program is designed to give children pride in their writing. To encourage them to use their imagination and experiences to come up with stories to tell others. Today was Ethan's day to celebrate being a Young Author.
I am so proud of the stories that he writes in school and how he can remember and describe things that we have done as a family. He is so proud of himself and I love to watch his self esteem shine so bright.
Each child reads their story out loud and we talk about the story. What was going on? What happened next? What did they think? It is fun to spark their imaginations and see where they will take you. Ethan's story was about making snow cream while he was out of school last week for snow days.
These are the boys at our table.
You may recognize them from this morning. :-)

They were so proud of themselves. As well they should be. They are learning by leaps and bounds in kindergarten.
After they read their stories and talked about them, they were presented a certificate and a pencil.
I am so thankful I am available to show up for these types of things. They are so important to Ethan and he just beams when he sees me walk through the door.


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