Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kind of a Do Over

Today was a lazy day around the house for us. It snowed last night and into this morning. We probably ended up with 3-4 inches. Fortunately the boys didn't ask to play out in the snow today because Chris and I weren't really up for it. So we hung around here doing a lot of nothing.
It is getting harder and harder to get her to look at the camera when I am taking pictures.
She is much more interested in everything around her than she is looking at me with a camera.
This is a doll that I had made for her on etsy. Her name is monogrammed across the front and Eliza loves the little taggies for hair.
The boys started out able to play Super Mario this morning but only lasted about 30 minutes before the crying and fighting started so the Wii is back in my closet and I told them to put on the costumes and be superheros.
They were mad at first because they lost their video games, but when daddy started wrestling with them it quickly became more fun.
She could just sit and watch them for hours.
How cute is she? Such a happy girl.
We got ready around 5pm and went to Outback for my birthday dinner since we couldn't go last night. All three children were on their best behavior and I was so pleased. You never really know how things are going to turn out when we go out to eat. But tonight was such a treat. Both boys ate all their dinner which included a large plate of broccoli and Eliza ate some of my cooked carrots and Chris's mashed potatoes. We even got a cheesecake to share between all of us.

Chris didn't eat any of the cheesecake and Ethan asked why. Chris told him it wasn't good for his heart and he wants to keep his heart healthy. Ethan did one of the most mature things I have ever seen him do. He thought about it for a second, (you could actually see his wheels turning in his head) then he put his spoon down without eating anymore. I asked him if he was finished and he said yes. Very responsible if I do say so myself. He is learning about healthy foods at school and is trying to think about which foods he should eat and which foods he should limit. I am very proud of him. He and Owen are going to the doctor on Monday morning for a blood draw to have their cholesterol checked just we will have something to go on. I hope it turns out that it is nothing, but still, it is better that we check it and see.

So that was our day. Nothing too exciting, but good all the same.


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