Thursday, February 4, 2010

Because He's a Prince

When I was going through pictures last night looking for the sickly pictures of the boys, I came across this one.
That's Ethan when he was just over 2 years old. How cute is that? He fell asleep that night wearing his crown and somehow it managed to stay on his head.

I bought it for him for his first birthday.
It was adorable.

Now as I am starting to think about Eliza's first birthday, I have started looking at special hats for her too. This is one of the ones I am thinking about ordering.
And this is one of the first birthday outfits I am thinking about ordering; except in pink - or the hat in lavender.
As for how everyone is doing, Owen seems a little better, Ethan seems a little worse and Eliza was up for about an hour straight last night from 3am-4am screaming murder. Here's hoping for sleep tonight.

Have I ever mentioned that Chris and I are good birth control for others? Raising kids "ain't no joke."

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