Monday, February 1, 2010

To Target, to Target to Buy a Fat Pig

School is closed, Day care is closed. And I had high aspirations of taking everyone to Marbles Kids Museum or Planet Child or JumpZone; anything really to get us out of this house, but as fate would have it everyone woke up this morning with dripping noses. So instead of spending the day out and about we headed to Target for runny nose supplies.
I wasn't off to a very good start, was I?

We had a long conversation about not running, not yelling, not fighting, not listening; you name we talked about it. What it all comes down to for the boys is whether or not they are going to get a treat out of it. And I have learned that even if I say yes before the trip starts, it does not always guarantee a successful ending. And I define a successful trip to Target as one that has not elevated my blood pressure, made my knees shake or made me have to stop every 10 seconds to take a deep breath.

Today, magically was a success. Everyone listened. I think the secret is going to the store in the morning before life amps them up. But I have said it before, just when I think I have figured out a secret or a magic pill, they like to shake me up and keep me on my toes. That's what they do best. Shake me up.

So we are armed.
Out of all the children medicines out there, I have found nothing beats a humidifier and vapor rub. So hopefully everyone will be feeling better in a couple of days.

And the boys did get a treat.


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