Sunday, February 7, 2010

Grandpa Lewis - We Have Found a Church!

It's super Sunday folks. And while Drew Brees and Payton Manning are going through their pre game traditions; we are starting our own traditions. We went to church this morning. I did things this morning that I never would have guessed I would have been able to do. The main one: I left all three of my children in classrooms with women and I couldn't even tell you their names. And guess what? They survived and so did I. They gave us a pager so that if one of the children needed us, we could be paged to come get them, so that helped ease my mind.

Eliza played with another little boy that looked to be around 7-8mo old. She took a short nap and they even changed her diaper once.

Owen played with other 4 year olds and came home telling me he sang songs about, actually.....Jesus, well. (note lots of pauses in there while he was thinking). He told me stories of Jesus and his friends and going fishing in a boat. He said he had a lot of fun and wants to go back next week. Did you hear that??? He WANTS to go back, not mommy is making him go back.

And then there is Ethan. The one that I was really most concerned about leaving because he has this way of looking at me like "are you really leaving me here?" "Are you really coming back for me?" He made Valentines for the widows in the church, but to hear him tell it, he made 2 Valentines for the dead peoples cousins. Cousins??? Not sure where he got that from, but we will probably have a conversation soon about widows and what that means. He wants to send Nana Gale a Valentine too, so on some level, he got it. He was so excited when I picked him up from his class. He said he was only there for a short time and he had so much fun he wants to go back.

And then there is Chris. He went with me. He went through the motions, but in the end he said "it was just church." I am still working on him and he will definitely go back even if it is just for me. He is supportive of me like that. But for me, it was so much more than church. The preacher was loud and he walked around a lot and shouted when he needed to shout and he told stories and I even said AMEN! (And Chris laughed, because I said it OUT LOUD!) ha! I connected with this church. So Grandpa Lewis - YES! We have found a church!

I saw several of the ladies from my bible study which was wonderful because one of my hesitations has been I don't just want to go to church. I want to belong to a church. I want relationships out of church.

And finally, what is the best thing you can have after church if you can't have Grandpa Lewis's fried chicken? The Colonel. Grilled, of course, not fried.
As a side thought, when we were in the car coming home, Ethan was talking about Nana Gale and the Valentines and Owen asked me (kind of out of the blue) what Eliza's second name was and I said Gale. And Ethan looked at me puzzled and said like Nana Gale? And I said yes. Like Nana Gale, Tricia Gale and he interrupted me and said "and Ethan Gale and Owen Gale". And the reason this conversation is significant is because when I was a baby, I knew my mom was Gale and I was Tricia Gale and my mother had a dog named Prissy. I would call her Prissy Gale because really, everyone was "Something" Gale. :-)

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. The boys are enjoying their last day of video games. Chris is enjoying quality time with Eliza at Best Buy. And this woman is about to embark on the laundry that is overtaking my house.


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Momastery said...

Tricia- My kids are ALWAYS making cards for dead people's cousins at my church!!

Love this post. Your family is just so beautiful and you look like you are making this a magical life.

I'm so sorry to learn about your mommy. I'm grateful that we serve ad God who places the lonely in families. I'm grateful for that everyday.
Bless you and your family, Tricia.

Love, G