Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Out and About

Eliza was sent home yesterday from school with a fever of 101.
She was a little warm, but seems fine today with the exception of a runny nose. It is possible though that the fluid on her ear has not gone away and we are heading into ear infection #2.
I sent her to school in this dress (made special by MiMi) because they were having pictures made with a real bunny. Owen sat with her and he surprisingly did wonderful with his pictures but she wouldn't sit still. Of course, her teacher also mentioned Owen kept elbowing her telling her to scoot over. That probably didn't help the situation. Oh, and she did have a pink bow on, just not in my pictures. :-)
She and I have been home this morning and Chris is coming home at noon to relieve me so I can go to work. What do two girls do when they are free for the morning? Shop, what else? There is a consignment sale in Raleigh for the next couple of days called The Divine Consign Sale and I love it! It is all boutique overstock clothing and some consigned boutique brands mixed in too. They have one in the fall and the spring. I got her a few dresses last fall, including her Christmas dress.
And this cute one.
Today I picked up these three. I love the vintage look to this first outfit. And I can definitely see a made to match bow coming in these colors. It is made by Flit and Flitter, which I had never heard of.
And this one will make an adorable summer dress. I love the ants carrying the watermelons and may end up having a bow made to match for it as well.
And I couldn't resist this one, even though it is probably going to be too big for this Easter. It will still be cute for this spring and summer.
I love, love, love smocked dresses.

Chris should be home soon and I will be off to work. Tomorrow is Ethan's appointment with the nutritionist. Wish us luck. I am hoping she is going to be able to let me in on some secrets to healthy cooking that I am not aware of.


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