Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just One of Those Days

Today was a hard day. A real hard day. One of those days that you just rather not remember. One of those days that you shouldn't have to have. I don't even have pictures today to document anything. Just the words of a heartbroken mother.

I told you several days ago that the boys were going to the doctor for a cholesterol screen. Ethan was a star. He was terrified, I am sure of it, but he puts on such a brave face. Owen on the other hand, feels no need to put on airs for anyone. He is a raw, in the moment child. And in that moment of drawing blood he was screaming and being restrained by more than one person. But he survived to tell of his battle wounds and other than being able to retell the tale, he doesn't remember how bad it hurt.

Well, I got the results today. And just as I feared. They both have high cholesterol. Ethan's is 239 and when I heard that I started to cry and my head started spinning so I couldn't tell you what the nurse said Owens was, but I do remember her saying it was too high. The high side of normal is around 160. Ethan and I have an appointment next Thursday to meet with a nutritionist at his pediatrician's office. But the thing is, they don't eat a lot of fried foods. It is an exception that we go out to eat and I could probably count on 2 hands the total number of french fries my children have ever eaten - combined! That's just not how we eat. Particularly in light of Chris's heart attack.

So where do I go from here? I am going to have to learn to cook better and healthier. Fortunately I have already signed us up for a Community Supported Agriculture program for this year. We start getting our first round of veggies in April. Next, I am going to have to add fish to their diets once or twice a week (wish me luck! because if it isn't coated in bread crumbs and it doesn't come from a man named Gorton, I am not sure they will even try it) and drop red meat down to once a week, if that. More beans and lentils, less starches. More fresh fruits and veggies for snacks, less processed snacks. And after all that, I really don't know if it is going to help. Let's not overlook the obvious, Chris did have a heart attack at age 34, so hereditary just seems to make sense.

This was a really hard blow for me today. They are just 5 and 4! just 5 and 4! Babies. And already they have build up in their arteries. So wish me luck and it wouldn't hurt to say a little prayer for us.


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