Wednesday, February 10, 2010

He Has Given Me a Hunger

Blessed are ye that are hungry, for ye shall be filled.
~Luke 6:21

Last night in bible study the women invited me to come to Wednesday night fellowship. They have dinner at 5.45pm and then a service from 6.45-7.45pm. I told them, ah, I don't know. By the time we get home it will be past everyone's bedtimes, Eliza in particular. But I told them I would think about it. So, when I picked the boys up today I asked them if they wanted to go back to church tonight. They asked what we were going to do and I said eat dinner and then you will probably make more Valentines and sing songs. They both said (rather enthusiastically) YEAH! So I am trying to take the approach, if they want to go - I will take them. So we got home around 5.15pm, had enough time to grab the essentials for a diaper bag for Eliza and right back out the door we went.

Chris wasn't home yet. He was having his truck worked on today and so I left him a note (on his AC/DC note pad) that I had taken the children to church and I would love for him to join me when he got home.

The children and I arrived, I saw several women that I knew from bible study, got the boy's plates and got them seated. Then I got up to get some drinks for us and looked up and who did I see? Christopher. He did show up! Have I told you today what a wonderful husband I have? He showed up. That man, I am telling you, will do anything for me. I don't doubt that a bit. He could have so easily said he got home late, he was tired, he still had work to do, etc. I could think of numerous excuses he could have given me and I would never have questioned him. But he showed up. And that my friends, is the making of strong relationship. He loves me and the more I open myself up, the more I see it every day.

The boys had hot dogs, chips, lemonade and a dessert. And Chris and I had chicken salad, a croissant, fruit salad and tomato slices. I thought it was tasty, Chris didn't like it at all. He ended up going back for a hot dog and I am not sure he liked that.

We walked the boys to their room and Eliza to hers, then Chris and I headed over to the sanctuary for the service. After it was over, we took a minute to speak to the preacher then off to get the children. We were both pretty concerned about Eliza because it was after 8pm when the preacher wrapped up. So we scurried over to get them. The boys were having a wonderful time with their new friends and Eliza, well, not so much. Her eyes were red and really she was just wondering where am I????

We got home, the house was a mess, the boys amped up, Eliza over tired. So needless to say, I doubt a Wednesday service is in our future again for awhile. Unless, maybe I just take the boys. Bottles were every where, dirty clothes from day care and then from church tonight too, dishes, laundry for the dryer. Just taking 2 hours out of my day set me back considerably. Not to say the service wasn't worth it. I enjoyed the message, it was about Grace. And I think we could all use a little more Grace.

Here are the things that the boys made.
Valentine crowns and a "bucket" for candy and Owen said they sang a song about putting Jesus in your heart.
The crowns also had a verse on them.
Love the Lord your God with all your heart.
~Matthew 22:37

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