Sunday, February 21, 2010

Church, A Party and A Walk to the Park

I know I can go days without posting sometimes because it just seems like life gets busy and it is hard to stop and take pictures, get them uploaded and then talk about them. And then we have days like today where I couldn't have fit anything else in if I had tried.

First was church this morning. The sermon this morning was about judgment. Judgment of your deeds on earth, the good and the bad. What will Jesus think when you are standing before Him in eternity. Will He be proud of what you have done? Will He pat you on the back and say you did pretty good? Will He say, you did ok, but you sure did play it safe? Or have you led a life that when you are before Him He will say "You did it! You really did it!" Because I want Him to say "You did it girl!" I want Him to stand up excited to see me coming. I want Him to think, there she is! Let that girl in here to see her mama! So with that, I am going to be working on where I fit in church. What I can do to do more. To not always play it safe.

When we left the congregation to get the children, I went for Owen and Eliza and Chris went for Ethan. When I got Owen he told me Jesus performed a miracle. And I said what was that miracle? His reply? He turned water into Coke! (John 2:1-11) Can you believe it? Water to Coke! The teacher felt funny talking about wine, so she talked about something the children could relate to. Coke it was.

We came home and were eating lunch prior to going to the birthday party and each Sunday we have the same conversation about how chicken gets to our table. It absolutely disgusts me but each week Ethan likes to talk about how to kill a chicken.

We leave home to head to the party and we pass Preston Wood Country Club. Owen said "Is that a golf course?" And I said, yes. He said "I want to go there after the party." Well, going to Preston Wood Country Club is much easier said than done. I think it comes with a pretty high price tag to be a member and well, we just ain't there. So I told Owen, I hoped that one day he would grow up and go to college and become a doctor or a lawyer or something fancy so he could play golf there anytime he wanted to. In the midst of me saying all this Ethan yells out "I WANT TO BE A CHICKEN SHOOTER!" That's my boy!

We go to the party.
A bowling party.
The boys seem to like bowling parties.
The only hiccup is Owen doesn't like to wait his turn, it takes to long and his mind starts to wander to what he can get into to take up the time.
They both insisted on using balls that were way to heavy for them.
I suppose that is a boy thing. To prove how big and strong they are. Girls just don't care about stuff like that. Give me the pink ball any day of the week.
After the party we came home and headed out to the park. It was about 65 degrees today so a beautiful day to be outside. We walked to the park to give us all more time outside.
Two boys and a baby.
She didn't seem to mind they were the ones doing the pushing. She did a bit of off roading with Owen behind the wheel.
And off they ran.
And ran, and ran, and ran.
We are hoping for an easy bedtime tonight.

Eliza had fun too.
She got to practice her climbing and standing. She is getting so strong.
She always has fun watching her brothers.
Then it was time to come home.
What a great day! I love Sundays.


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