Wednesday, February 3, 2010

.......West Virginia,

Blue Ridge Mountains
Shenendoah River
Life is old there, Older than the treesYounger than the mountains, Growin' like a breeze.

Chris has been hard at work prepping the third floor for the impending arrival of his new projector. I say impending, but really, it hasn't been ordered yet. Right, honey? You haven't ordered it yet, right? Honey???? We agreed to this......

This is a shelf that he built and then proceeded to cut a 2 foot by 2 foot hole in my wall to hang it. He plans to put stuff in here. I am not really sure what kind of stuff, but I think maybe a TIVO, a stereo, a dvd player, maybe a speaker??? I honestly don't know. The one that that I do know is I won't know how to operate any of it and will have to call him when I am home alone so he can tell me how to turn on the tv. It happens all the time. I am used to it by now. Not to say I don't get frustrated and think it is crazy that I can't operate the tvs in my house. But after 7 years together, that is just how he operates. And when I do learn how to use one of the tvs, he changes it on me, so I have given up.
This is the back side of the shelf.
Complete with a hinged door. He says so he can come in this little closet area to do something with all the wires when he needs to.
This is what Chris likes to call "the brain." The brain of what, I am not sure. I think it is the stuff that makes my computer go so I can sit in bed and blog without cables and wires and such. But really, I am not 100% sure. I just know I get upset when my internet service is interrupted.
So that is the latest on Chris's room. He is going to put molding around the shelf to pretty it up for me. Next step will probably be painting the "screen" wall navy blue. More pictures to come as he progresses.


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