Friday, February 12, 2010

It's Just Not the Same

Today was my birthday. Actually as I sit here typing and look at the time, it is almost exactly my "birth" day. 37 years ago right now, my mother was in the hospital laboring, I think she wrote in my baby book 18 hours????, for me to arrive. I remember as a child her telling me that she kept looking at the clock and pushing harder because she never wanted me to have a Friday the 13th birthday. Thank you mom!

Today was uneventful as far as birthday fairy dust goes. However, it was very eventful as far as a mom with three children who don't slow down goes. I ended up taking a 1/2 day of PTO because I just couldn't fit it all in AND be expected to work a full day. I mean really, work really gets in the way these days.

It started with Owen and Eliza having a doctors appointments. Owen for his 4 year check up and Eliza for a follow up visit from her ear infection. I want Owen to remember this day when he is older and says I NEVER do ANYTHING for him! Because today, I delayed his kindergarten shots until he turns 5. You are welcome, Owen! I will be sure to remind you when you are older so you can thank me.
Eliza still has fluid on her right ear which could very well turn back into an ear infection if she gets another cold. And Owen, ironically enough had fluid on his ears as well. Just the norm for Bordman children, unfortunately. So that all took place around 10.30 to 12.30.
Then I dropped them at day care and headed to work for a few hours. Around 3'ish, I left work to head to day care for Owen's Valentine party. This is him gettin' his groove on.
They were listening to Hey now, You're a Rock Star, get the show on - get paid!

I was very impressed with Mrs Tammy's choice of party food. And the children enjoyed it all the same.
Strawberries, grape tomatoes, yogurt and ritz crackers. There was one child that said "I want some ice cream." And Mrs Tammy told him to stir his yogurt and pretend. :-) I Love Mrs Tammy.

We were asked to make Valentines for our child each day this week so that they could read them during circle time. These are three of the ones that I made for Owen. Chris also made one and Ethan did too. But I couldn't think fast enough to remember what they looked like to snag a photo.
And this is the Valentine Wall complete with a blurred child that was running through. :-)
Ah, I do see Chris's Valentine now. It is the brown one behind the child with a couple of little red and white stickers on the right side. Hard to see because the child is a blurr - but it is there.

Tammy said the children were so proud of their Valentines. She told me when she read Owen's to him he just beamed with pride. He knows he is the mommy one. :-)

These are two of Owen's best friends, Brady and Patrick. He has been in classes with these two boys and they have been attending each others birthday parties since they turned 2 years old.
See, here is Owen and Patrick at Owen's 2nd birthday party. It snowed this day while we were inside the gym for the party.
And Owen and Patrick at Owen's 3rd birthday.
Here is Owen singing the class Valentine song.
Love is something if you give it away,
give it away,
give it away.
Love is something if you give it away,
It will come right back to you.
Then they all sat down so we could pass out their Valentines.
Check out the size of this lollipop!
Yeah, I can't say that it will ever reach his mouth. I am certain it would end up all over the house with stickiness everywhere.

After the party, we headed home for the day and found cake and flowers sitting on the table. We threw dinner together quickly because Chris and Ethan were going to a legos robotics class tonight that I thought they might be interested in (come to find out it was awful! Chris hated it and will be surprised if Ethan wants to go back next Friday). Then we had a bit of cake.
The two most memorable things the boys said today were:
Ethan: "Happy Birthday, mommy. I think when Eliza gets old enough to talk she will tell you happy birthday too."
Owen: "Mommy, your birthday was AWESOME!"

Well, it is 11.55pm and 37 years ago, my mother had just heard me cry for the first time. I know exactly what that feeling is like. I know she was elated and probably crying herself.

Happy Birthday, Tricia Gale!


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