Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Thing About Playing in the Snow is....

My already overflowing laundry room multiplies by 3! Since we live in the south, we don't have the need to buy snowsuits and gloves every year. I started that when Ethan was a baby and quickly realized it was a waste of money when we would go a couple of years in between snow days.
So now, we just layer up when we go out. Three of everything.
Three shirts. Three pants. Three socks (on the hands). Three socks (on the feet). That makes 24 pairs of socks. So I have been doing more than my fair share of laundry the past 2 days.
Eliza was able to go out in the snow today.
Once she got used to it, I think she thought it was okay.
But she did not want to be put down. Or have any snow touching her.
The boys figured out how to climb on their log cabin today despite my best efforts to deter them.
Owen was scared a few times and there were a couple of times when I thought for sure they were going to fall.
But they never did. How will they ever believe me when I say "You are going to fall." If they never fall?
They went sledding again today.
Owen even joined in a couple of times.
Ethan learned about penguins at school last week. He took off down the hill on his belly once yelling "I'M A PENGUIN!!!!"
Now enough with all the fun. These boys need to work.
And this is just funny because he is carrying her like a sack of potatoes.
School is already closed for tomorrow and I am not sure about day care yet. Hopefully they will be open and I will only be home with Ethan.
That's enough snow for me for one year. I am ready for Spring!


Cary Hairbows said...


I finally found my way to your blog! What a beautiful blog, too! :) I wanted to let you know that you were the random winner of the chantilly cream bow giveaway (I kid you not! Post #4! Hooray!). Glad Eliza won!!

I will be sure to spend some time reading your blog and enjoying the pictures of your darling family.

Have a wonderful week! CONGRATS!!!


Amy said...

How wonderful!!! Love the pictures and that is a great picture of you and Eliza! Us Wilmington folks saw none of this. Only rain.