Sunday, January 10, 2010

Devil with the blue dress, blue dress on

I took Eliza to have her 6 month pictures taken yesterday.
And these are some of my favorites.
This dress is from Gloria (GoGo). I promised her I would have Eliza's picture taken in it. And I think they turned out lovely. The blue is so soft.

And look at this little priss.
And this....she's a flirt already. I'm in trouble.
And doesn't she look like a future ballerina here?
And in case you ever wondered what Stan Bordman would look like in a tutu, wonder no more.
She was such a good sport through all the wardrobe changes.

We also had this dress
But I couldn't get the bow to sit just right. Smocked dresses rank right up there as one of the top 5 reasons I love having a little girl.


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Amy said...

Love them! Love the dresses! Good thing she has older brothers to help keep the boys away.