Saturday, January 16, 2010

It's Party Time!

What would a birthday party be without balloons
and cake
and party hats and presents?
I think Owen is having a wonderful birthday. I have heard more than once that this is his best birthday ever. His best cake ever. His best party ever.
Eliza and I went to the store this morning to pick up his party supplies while Chris had the boys down at the pool. We also thought we needed to run to the Tanger Outlet for just a bit. :-) So when we got back I rushed and rushed to get the cake, balloons and presents set up for him so when he walked in from the pool I could see his precious little excited face.
Mission Accomplished.
I think he was pretty happy with his presents too.
A few new Cars themed cars, a carry box to put them in
a semi truck race car hauler (of which he said excitedly, I have always wanted this one!)
a space station to go with his space shuttle from Christmas and his favorite.
Ethan has asked a few times why he doesn't have more presents from his friends or why his friends aren't here for his party. Chris told him he would have a friend party on Tuesday when he starts back to preschool. But I think we have the best people here for this party.
And one more picture because I am so proud of Chris.
And he is such a proud daddy.


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