Monday, January 4, 2010

And the World Resumes A Routine

Yesterday was our last day of track out and Christmas vacation. Ethan will rise bright and early this morning to a crisp 18 degree morning and head off to school for the third quarter. Owen and Eliza will again have daddy to themselves and I am sure I will be hearing "I don't like car pool" this afternoon. Ah, and the world according to the Bordman's begins to resume some normalcy. Well, except for the fact that Chris is leaving tomorrow afternoon for Miami. I'm sorry, did you just say Miami? As in, THE Miami? White beaches, turquoise waters, and 80 degrees! Yes, he is leaving tomorrow afternoon for a meeting and won't return until Saturday. We will miss him dearly, but our wonderful Aunt Jan has come to stay with us so that I can continue to come to work at the crack of dawn and Owen and Eliza can remain at home with us for a couple of more weeks. Ah, yes, normalcy.

And speaking of normalcy, I rented G Force yesterday for the boys to watch and when I returned it I decided to live on the wild side and I rented Julie and Julia for me. I am really living on the edge these days with my late nights. Both movies were cute. G Force even made me laugh out loud a few times. You know you're a mom when........ And Julie and Julia just made my mouth water with all the food she was cooking. I suppose Paula Deen is onto something using all that butter.

Eliza was up again last night several times around midnight. Hopefully the final two teeth are pushing through. We ended up putting her in bed with us in the hopes of getting some sleep. She slept from about 12.30am until 4.45am. Not exactly a full nights rest for Chris and I, but we continue to muddle our way through the fog.

Happy Monday!


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