Saturday, January 2, 2010

One Sweet Little Boy

This month is Owen's birthday month. He is going to be 4 in just 2 short weeks. I made our beach reservation this morning since he hasn't been in day care since Eliza was born. He requested a trip to the beach for his birthday and I got a really good deal on a hotel with an indoor water park. Three nights is costing us what it would normally cost to reserve a party place for him. So we are all very excited. He has requested a race car birthday cake so I have been looking online to see what I can find. This one looks pretty easy so I may try to make it or just buy one when we get there.

We aren't sure what we will do in the evenings since it will be cold, but maybe go see a movie or go to Broadway at the Beach. There is always the aquarium which is lots of fun and we may even get lucky and find a miniature golf place that is open. Should be a lot of fun.
So happy kick off to your birthday month Owen!


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