Monday, January 18, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

I am very thankful we are back in our home sweet home tonight. We all had a great time. The hotel was a lot of fun. The water park was great for the boys. But really, there is no place like home.

Here are a few more pictures from our trip. These are at the water park.
It was really this foggy inside. I kept trying to wipe the condensation off my camera lens but it would fog back up by the time I got it to my eye.
This is a dripping water tunnel. Ethan thought it was a lot of fun but Owen still doesn't like water in his face so he never made it through.
Ethan has discovered the joy of water slides and Chris couldn't be happier. They would stay down at the pool long after I brought Owen and Eliza up for the night going down the slide time and time again.
Here is Ethan at the top waiting his turn.
Waving bye before he hops on.
That's his foot you can barely see coming out of the water.
And up for air!
All smiles and ready to do it again.
It was impossible for me to get any photos of Eliza in her swimsuit. Trying to manage three children, all wanting to do different things and still take pictures is next to impossible. She did make it in the water a few times though.


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Oh my looks like a time PLEASE come pick me and my crew up!!