Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Almost Crawling

First of all - it is cold! C-O-L-D! It has been around 15 degrees when I am leaving in the morning to go to work with the exception of yesterday when it was a balmy 34 degrees. Who knew 34 would seem warm? Well, let me tell you it does when you have been going out in 15 degrees. Everyday I get on the internet looking for a tropical vacation for Ethan's track out in March and everyday I shut my computer down discouraged because flying 5 people to the Caribbean for a week is slightly out of our price range right now. Sigh. One day. One day. Thank goodness (or thank my mother in law - Hi Barb!) for our mattress pad heater. That is the closest I am going to get to the Caribbean heat for awhile I am afraid. I get good and toasty and almost asleep when Chris comes to bed whining, "I'm so cold" and then sticks his frigid feet on me to warm them up. EEK! That's cold - get off! Anyway, on to better things.

Eliza is trying so hard to crawl.
She knows what she needs to do.
She leans forward, balancing her weight on her hands.
And then frustration
Try again.....
I think I can, I think I can, I think I can
She is yelling here, can you tell?
She is not quite there, but it won't be long. She just needs a little more strength in her arms and legs to hold her weight and she will be off.


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