Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Perfecting the Pincer Grasp

I have started giving Eliza a few fruit puffs to occupy her while I am trying to get dinner together.
She does pretty good with her pincer grasp at picking them up and getting them to her mouth.
The first time I gave her a few and she got one in her mouth she looked at me as if to say "What in the world is this and why have you been keeping it from me for so long????" She loved them!
It takes a lot of concentration for her to pick them up, but she is getting it.
As a side note, my Aunt Jan and Uncle Alvin think Eliza is a lot like my grandfather, Malcolm Hamilton because she smiles all the time. You can just look at her and she will smile at you. My grandfather was like that. And her day care teacher wrote on her score card today that Eliza was flashing her smile at anyone and everyone today at school.
Just look at that sweet little face (partially covered in cereal and sweet potatoes). Her eyes just light up and sparkle, she is getting those same amazing eye lashes that her brothers have and Chris and I have no idea where they get them from. Children are nothing short of a miracle.

Here's Your Sign.


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