Tuesday, January 5, 2010

And we are back to not so normal.....

Remember how I said our family just doesn't function right without each one of us here? Well, it is true. True. True. True. Chris is in Miami now and I am manning the fort with the assistance of Aunt Jan. We are doing ok and will continue to do so until Chris gets home Saturday, but still. I don't like it. I am not exaggerating when I say I don't want to live a single day apart from that man. I love him to my core. Besides, do you know how big a king size bed is for one person????

As for a run down of our day - I had lunch with Ethan today at school. He gets such a kick out of this and is really all "mommy-one" when I show up. Without a doubt this is going to change, I may have 1 more year for him to be so crazy about me in front of his friends and I am going to milk it all I can. When I picked him up from school today we went to the grocery store to pick up supplies for his class Learning Experience on Friday. They are talking about gingerbread men this week and Friday they are building gingerbread houses. We picked up white icing and marshmallows. Each child is to bring some type of candy for decorating and he wanted to bring marshmallows. As we were walking out to the car a plane flew over head and he said "my daddy might be on that plane." I smiled and said, yeah - maybe. He is counting down the days just like me for Chris to come home. 4 days he says, until daddy comes home and we can build more on my Star Wars AT TE Walker.

That's about it. Pictures will be slim if I even have a chance to post any this week. Chris usually uploads them for me and posts them to our web site so not sure I will get to that with everything else I am juggling. I am sure you understand.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. Chris says Wednesday is as good as Friday because you are more than half way there, like Wednesday is the peak of the mountain and all you have to do is climb down Thursday and Friday. So happy Wednesday all!


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