Thursday, January 7, 2010

Never Doubt a Mother's Intuition

Ethan woke up this morning and his eye was really red. Like, not just bloodshot red, but like eyeliner red. I asked him if it was hurting and he said no. I wanted Jan to looked at it to see what she thought but Ethan refused. I told him if he didn't let her look then I would probably have to take him to the doctor and they would want to give him a shot.
Still no go.

So he went to school and I went to work with the intention of calling his doctor.

So I did. And the nurse confirmed he needed to be seen.

So off I go to pick him right back up. When I walked in the office to have the secretary call him up, he and his teacher were already in the office. She looked at me surprised and said she was just getting ready to call me to come get him.

When we walked out of the school the first thing he said to me was "Am I going to have to have a shot at the doctor?" He doesn't miss a thing!

And, yes, it is confirmed we have our first case of pink eye in the Bordman house. I just dropped off his prescription and need to go back out in a bit to pick it up.

I hope it looks better by morning. Tomorrow is his Gingerbread House Learning Experience at school and I would hate for him to miss it.

As a side note, don't the boys look handsome? I love hair cut day!


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