Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pimp Your Ride

So, we are walking around Broadway at the Beach and walk by this store called Ride Makerz - that's right, with a Z. Chris knows I love Build A Bear and have tried pushing it on my boys since birth but really they could take it or leave. So I really try to push Build A Dino at the beach and although they are a little more tempted, I still don't get very far.

And then we saw Ride Makerz. And we went inside. Unfortunately, I didn't embrace my inner ride pimper so didn't throw my heart into taking pictures like I should have to really appreciate this experience.

But I will try to describe it the best I can.

There are car bodies everywhere! Any body you can think of - they have it. Ethan picked a flame painted mustang (very cool choice, if I do say so myself) and Owen picked a pink RZ Rascal (sporty type car) because mommy loves pink, and he is the mommy one after all.

Next came the noise. They had at least 10 different kinds, but really an engine is an engine right? (not really!) So we took the stock noise.

Next was wheels or tires or rims or Cragers something like that. And again, they are all the same right? (not really!) You could upgrade to monster truck tires for $5 but we stuck with the street car.

So then Edgar, our hispanic crew chief, helped the boys put them together.
Chris was holding the baby and well, I am just not a Ride Makerz kind of girl (I am a Build A Bear kind of girl, remember?) so this experience didn't turn out as wonderful as it could have.
Next time Eliza and I will head to Build A Bear and let this be a boy thing that Chris does with them. But then we wouldn't have any pictures at all. :-)
It would have been much better that way. It really is pretty cute how they have these things (impact wrench?) coming down from the ceiling to tighten the screws.
They love their cars though. Who knew?
Baby likes them too.
Now I wish I would have gotten the monster wheels.
I said we will have to make three next time because baby will want one too. Chris said we will have to make four, because he will want one. :-)

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